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Short Biography


Graff Gressel born in 1964. 

Works now at her artist's studio in Tel Aviv.

Graduate of the Arts: Faculty of Creation at

Haifa University (2013).

Graduate of Fine Arts Bachelor of Fine Arts, BFA from CCA California College of the Arts in San Francisco California USA (1996).(Major in Graphic Design)


Graff Gressel's works move between abstract painting in color

and line drawings that combine the figurative and abstract, dealing primarily with the human body. The works include the use of a diversity of materials, dictated by the ideas and contents
of the subjects, in relation to the different types of substrates and narratives.

The pieces are lyrical, characterized by their minimalism portraying intimacy.

The main narratives motivating her works deal with physiology, gender boundaries and the perception of the body in society today. Her works reflect research of the boundaries between Inside and Outside as well as transparency/exposure as opposed to covering/concealing, both thematically and material wise.



E x h i b i t i o n s


"The Bell Already Rings".Group show about School.2022 ND Gallery Ramat Gan (Feb2022) Curator: Ronit Rot Hadad. 


"Silencing".Single show  at the window of the gallery. The theme against violence to women.2021 Tova Osman Gallery Tel Aviv  (May2021). 


"Woman Create Reality".Group Show.2020 Beit Hankin Kfar- Yehoshua (Aug-Nov2020). Curators: Dvora Morag, Anat Mandil 


"First Person. Second Nature". 2020 Tel Aviv Biennale of Crafts
& Design. MUSA Eretz Israel Museum Tel Aviv
 (June-December 2020). Curators: Henrietta Eliezer Brunner, Yuval Saar, Nir Harmat, Merav Rahat and Leora Rozin

"Comme il Faut". Group Show. Artists House Rishon Lezion. (March-June2020). Curators: Malina Gvaram & Etti Bashevitz


"Miniscule Venice", satellite programme of the 58th International Art Exhibition the Venice Biennale. Group show. Fondamenta Sant'Anna, Castello, Venice. (May-July2019) Curator: Vanya Balogh


"Great Skin" Single show at Artists House Tel Aviv ISRAEL

(Feb-March2019). Curator: Nir Harmat


"Iran Iran" group show at the Key Galleries in Beer Sheva ISRAEL

(January-March2016). Curator: Nir Haramat


Group show at the Hameshulash Gallery, Tel Aviv ISRAEL
(May2015) Curator: Sari Golan


"Text" - a group show at the Hangar For Contemporary Art, 

Kfar Vitkin, ISRAEL (January 2012) Curator: Osnat Israeli


Awards & Scholarship

Certificate of Excellence PRINT MAGAZINE Annual '95 for a poster design for Anne Frank musical 1996


Cal Grant, Florence J. French Scholarship 1992-1994

Articles & Critiques

Feminist Art - a critique of Avivit Graff-Gressel's works. Roni Raanan, Nov 5, 2019. (in Hebrew)

Avivit Graff-Gressel Artist

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